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St. Pope John Paul II

Bust of St. Pope John Paul II

This life sized bust of St. Pope John Paul II will be bronzed and placed at St. Pope John Paul II Manor, a personal care home for the elderly and disabled in Cresson, Pennsylvania.

The home, which was established in 2005 is operated by the Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, has 50 residents.

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The William Wassil Family

Joan Gregg

John Barlick Jr.

Ronald Mastrine

Regina and Robert Bradley

The Knights of Columbus Lilly Council #11084

F. James Smith

Jack and Genevieve Calandra

St. Aloysius Church

Dino Persio

James and Margaret Talko

David and Suzanne Smith, in memory of John L. Mack

William and Ann Radebach

Rodney L. Reeves

J. William and Marianne Wheldon

Denny and Dollie Gisler

Rose Ann & Craig Weaver

Our Lady of the Alleghenies Parish

Ralph J. Albarano, Jr.

Nancy Greenleaf

Samuel & Carmen Grasso

John and Mary Leap

The Mt. Aloysius Nursing Student Organization

Robert and Margaret Kunrod

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Louise Machowski

Msgr. Bernard Przybocki

Jim Johnston

Nina Lizik

Russell W. Keener

Knights of Columbus Gallitzin Council #3899

Mary Ann Zakrzwski

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish

Aunt Ruth Glass, with love from Casey, Sylvia, Mary and Pat

Knights of Columbus #1338 St. John's Council

Knights of Columbus #8222 St. Francis University

Cresson American Legion Post #238

Knights of Columbus Council #867

Knights of Columbus Council # 519

St. John Paul II Sculpture Project Donor List

Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II

The bust of the beloved Pontiff depicts the blessed St. Pope John Paul II in his traditional white skull cap and elbow length cape.

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Ceramic Shell
Ceramic Shell

Here the wax original has been dipped in a slurry of ceramic liquid until a shell approximately one inch thick covers the form completely. The opening at the bottom of the piece is where the molten bronze will be poured. Air vent tubes have been added to allow heat to escape. The hot bronze will melt the wax original which will flow out the opposite end leaving the bronze casting inside the shell. When cooled the ceramic will be broken away leaving the metal original.

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Raw Bronze Casting
Raw Bronze Casting

The unfinished bronze is bright gold in color when first removed from the ceramic molds. Next, a rich brown traditional patina will be applied to the sculpture followed by a UV finish and then polish to protect it from the elements.

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Concrete Base Mold
Concrete Base Mold

The wood framed mold holds the 48" concrete base column for the St. Pope John Paul II sculpture. The completed base will weigh approximately 500 lbs.

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Concrete Base
Concrete Base

The high density reinforced concrete base will be allowed to cure naturally for 21 days before it is cleaned and finished. After that a concrete sealer will be applied. The recessed area in the column face will hold the donor plaque.

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Completed Bust
Completed Bust

Completed bronze bust including patina. Scheduled for installation on September 22nd at John Paul Manor.

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